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Metal Flake Champion Disc

Metal Flake Champion Disc

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Metal Flake vs Champion Plastic

Aesthetics aside, what’s the difference between Innova’s Metal Flake and Champion plastic? The general consensus is that Metal Flake plastic is made from a base of high-quality Champion plastic. With the flakes mixed in, it tends to be more overstable than the regular Champion blend right out of the box. 

During the plastic injection process, adding the metal flakes helps reduce the amount of shrinkage, affecting the PLH (parting line height). The PLH is one of the most significant stability indicators during disc manufacturing. You can read more about disc stability here.

You’d think that the addition of dense metal flakes would maybe affect the weight of the overall disc (therefore adding to its overstability), but each disc only has roughly 1/112th of an ounce. Because the cost of metal flakes in bulk is actually quite expensive, a little bit goes a long way when it gets added to the discs; therefore, it doesn’t impact weight distribution.

With Champion plastic already being the most premium (and overstable) plastic offered, the Metal Flake blend can take that beloved durability up a tiny notch and be trusted to keep its flight characteristics for even longer.

Whether it’s magic or science, you can trust Metal Flake Innova plastic to be both beautiful and beefy. 

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