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Prostretch® Type S Foot Stretcher

Prostretch® Type S Foot Stretcher

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The ProStretch Addaday Type S Foot Stretcher is a tool for runners, sprinters, jumpers, or those suffering from calf tightness, the Stretcher delivers a hassle-free dynamic stretch. It features a wide footstep that is accommodating to everyone and is the perfect tool for those suffering from soft tissue issues like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or shin splints.

Effective Stretch

Its design isolates the lower leg muscles for an effective, deep calf stretch, getting you back to training harder than ever before. Perfect for a warm-up or post-run cooldown.

Lightweight & Portable

  • It's small enough to take it with you. 
  • It’s made from durable material that can withstand your weight and won’t break down.
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