Inspired by adventure and driven by passion to help others, we're here to help you get out the door and achieve your goals.


Shaun is an avid trail and ultra runner who found his love for the sport by continually exploring the woods at a young age. Shaun moved to Black Mountain in 2013 from his hometown of Cleveland Ohio where he racked years of experience trail running and fitting customers for shoes. In 2015, Shaun and his family took on the running store in Black Mountain, previously called "Black Mountain Running Co." and have grown the store successfully to what it is today.

 "I find myself always in comfort when surrounded by a community revolving around trail and Ultra running. The mentality of everyone is never to be mistaken, always upbeat and ready for the next adventure, but humbled and very aware of the task ahead. I like to convey that same energy to the folks I fit for shoes in the store. Whether they are getting fitted so that they can enjoy their daily mile walk or their first 50 mile run, I take pride in assisting each and everyone's new heights they reach after visiting the store."


A thing that finds its way into our shop is special. Whether it's made of wood or cloth, whether it was found in our neighborhood or on a trip, we sell it because we admire its craftsmanship, respect its quality, appreciate its uniqueness, and the idea of it makes us happy.


Cory’s life has evolved around running. Three days before he turned 3 he ran his first mile in 16 minutes. From there his running continued to carry him on many adventures. He was a NCAA cross country and track athlete. While in college, he became a 3 time All-American in cross country and track. After college, he went on to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon and compete at the U.S 15k and half marathon championships. He and his wife Alex moved to Boone in 2016. He went through a few years of injury and then found his true passion running ultra trail races. “There is something deeply therapeutic about racing through the mountains intently focused on not falling. I grew up in Kansas but the mountains feel like home to me. I care deeply about keeping people healthy and active. My background in exercise science and health coaching helps inform how I fit people for shoes. I listen intently to people’s goals and foot health conditions. This helps me find a shoe that is right for each person.”


Craig's penchant for adventure and love of cold weather often leads him to the highest peaks around. With a love of outdoors that ranges from running, fishing, cycling, and hiking, you'll very rarely find him indoors. When not training for ultras, you'll find him spending time outdoors with his wife, Jessica, tending to their small homestead.

"There are very few things I love more than experiencing the beauty of the mountains we live in and I love sharing those experiences and knowledge with other people to help encourage others to get outdoors and stay active. Running has taught me that you can achieve way more than you think you can, so the ability to help others realize that is truly special."