Inspired by adventure and driven by passion to help others, we're here to help you get out the door and achieve your goals.


Shaun is an avid trail and ultra runner who found his love for the sport continuously exploring the woods at a young age. Shaun moved to Black Mountain in 2013 from his hometown of Cleveland, OH, where he racked years of experience trail running and fitting customers for shoes. In 2015, Shaun and his family took on the running store in Black Mountain, previously called "Black Mountain Running Co." and have grown the store successfully to what it is today.


Co-owner of Mountain Running Company, Bill is an avid runner, outdoor enthusiast, and entrepeneur. Bill's greatest pleasure is to be able to use the power of entrepeneurship to bring value to the greater running and outdoor community, whether through fitting customers with the proper shoes and gear or leading community-building group runs.

Lauren is the heart and soul of Mountain Running Company. From back-end operations and inventory management to customer service and fitting shoes, Lauren makes it happen. Lauren is an accomplished collegiate swimmer and two time Olympic Trials qualifier, as well as a succesful ultra trail runner with a never-ending drive for adventure.
As an App State alum, Boone has felt like home to Luke since he originally arrived in 2013 as a student. Luke's love of running spans all the way back to cross country in middle school, and has since evolved into trail and ultramarathon running. It is only fitting that he now gets to share that passion for running in finding the perfect shoes and gear for the Boone community! When he isn't managing the Boone store, you are likely to find him running the roads and trails through town or spending time with his wife and son.
TR moved to the Asheville region from Boulder, Colorado. While in Colorado, TR set his sights on running silly-long distances (to collect belt buckles), earning a Leadville Leadman pick-axe, and losing his toenails. Currently he’s targeting running a marathon in all 50 states. He’s up to 17 so far. Come visit him at MRC Asheville and learn from his many years of running, racing, and customer service experience!