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1.6L Insulated Soft Reservoir

1.6L Insulated Soft Reservoir

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Staying hydrated is important all year around. This is why we’ve adapted our classic SOFT RESERVOIR for your winter and summer adventures. The insulated hose and reservoir ensure the water doesn't heat up or freeze, while the freeze-proof cover on the bite valve means you can drink easily on the move, whatever the temperature.

Ideal temperature

With an insulated hose and reservoir your water won't heat up or freeze, keeping you hydrated all day long.

Comfort on the move

This soft flexible reservoir shapes to fit your bag and shrinks as you drink to limit water bounce.

Easy drinking

With a freeze-proof cap and soft, drip-free valve, you can drink more quickly at any temperature.


A plastic with multiple properties: elasticity, comfort, transparency, resists liquid penetration, taste free, PVC free, and non-toxic. Ideal for hydration bladders & tubes.


  • Dimensions
    35 x 15 L x W x D in cm
    1.6 liters
    165 g
    Solution type
    Soft reservoir
    80% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, 12% Polyoxymethylene, 6% Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, 2% Silicon
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