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Sport Superfuel Drink Mix

Sport Superfuel Drink Mix

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Finally, a non-syrupy super fuel that won’t cause cramps, tastes light and refreshing, and keeps you going for hours. 

If you’re an athlete that doesn’t have a stomach of steel, you know how impossible it is to find a liquid fuel over 200 calories per serving that isn’t a syrupy gut bomb.

This makes going the long haul really challenging as we either risk bonking by not taking in enough calories, or we sacrifice our stomachs to keep going…

...either way, we end up with a handicap to our performance - ugh.

But now you can kiss your queasy days goodbye thanks to Skratch Sports Superfuel Drink Mix.

The reports coming in from ultra and pro athletes, as well as every-day marathoners and weekend warriors, are that Superfuel is making a huge difference in power, endurance, and overall feeling good, clean, long-lasting energy.

It’s being hailed as a game-changer by quite a few of the pros.

Another awesome thing about Skratch Superfuel is how functional it is. The powder blends way better than most other endurance drinks, and it’s not too sweet and just slightly salty.

For a high carb fuel, it’s incredibly light and, when mixed correctly, should be the consistency of water. Sounds refreshing, right? For those of use that cringe at the thought of a gooey gel, it’s nothing less than miraculous! 

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