hipster coral
The Hipster
The Hipster
hipster coral
The Hipster
The Hipster

The Hipster

  • XXS Grey
  • M Black
  • L Grey
  • XL Black
  • L Black
  • S Black
  • XS Black
  • XXS Black
  • XL Grey
  • XXS Coral
  • S Grey
  • XS Grey
  • XL Coral
  • XS Coral
  • M Coral
  • M Grey
  • L Coral
  • S Coral
  • S Heathered Blue




Whether you are walking your dog, doing the Stairmaster at the gym or running out on a trail, be handsfree with the Hipster Waist Belt with pockets. With the multiple individual pockets, you can keep your essentials snug and secure around your waist. The super-soft stretch step through belt is sized to fit comfortably around your individual contours to reduce bounce.
Option XXS Grey, M Black, L Grey, XL Black, L Black, S Black, XS Black, XXS Black, XL Grey, XXS Coral, S Grey, XS Grey, XL Coral, XS Coral, M Coral, M Grey, L Coral, S Coral, S Heathered Blue

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