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Tikka 350

Tikka 350

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Compact, easy-to-use headlamp with red lighting. 350 lumens

The lamp that started it all! Launched 20 years ago as Petzl’s first LED lamp, the TIKKA® headlamp casts 350 lumens of brightness. It's a necessity when it comes to night hikes, overnight camping, simply reading in your tent, or traveling. Easy to use with a single button, it’s also compact and slides into your jacket pocket or backpack. Its phosphorescent reflector makes it easy to find in the dark and red lighting keeps you from blinding those around you. TIKKA® comes with 3 standard batteries and is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery, thanks to its HYBRID CONCEPT design.

A necessity for night hiking, camping or reading in your tent, the Petzl Tikka Core headlamp is lightweight and compact enough to fit in a pocket or backpack—and it comes with a rechargeable battery.

  •  Easy-to-use, single-button design
  •  Phosphorescent reflector makes it easy to find in the dark, and red light mode helps keep you from blinding those around you
  •  Reflective headband allows you to remain visible at night
  •  Can be tilted up or down, allowing you to illuminate your surroundings while wearing the headlamp on your head or neck
  •  Single, wide-beam pattern allows you to comfortably see your immediate surroundings
  •  3 brightness levels, including red lighting, continuous and strobe, to preserve night vision and to signal your location
  •  Lock function prevents the headlamp from accidentally turning on and draining the battery when not in use
  •  Comes with the Petzl CORE rechargeable battery; also works with 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  •  Hybrid concept design is compatible with either the CORE rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries (not included) without an adapter
  •  With Petzl 50:50 brightness-to-burn-time ratio, it will retain 50% of its original brightness halfway through its burn time
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